June 2000
ST: Communicator special
Star Trek Communicator Magazine US fans should rush and get a copy of the new issue of the official Star Trek Communicator magazine - available from the Fanmedia.com web site.

There's a feature on Stewart and his role as Professor X in the up coming X-Men movie, plus an interview with Trek boss Rick Berman - who reveals the Trek X film script has now been written and awaits approval from Paramount. 
The storyline promises a high-action drama revolving around around The Next Generation crew....

X-Men promos move into top gear
Premiere magazine In case you hadn't noticed, the Fox marketing machine has swung into top gear ready for the July 14th release of X-Men in the US.

Premiere magazine recently ran 3 different cover versions featuring the various characters, a huge banner has appeared in Time Square in New York, and the official web site has just opened the X-Men Club - encouraging you to join in on July 4th which is  'Mutant Independence Day'

Here's a run down of July's up coming X-Men events:

9/10th - Press previews in NYC
10th - Press preview in LA
11th - X-Men : Mutant Watch @ 8pm on FOXN
14th - US Release
15/16/17th  - Behind the scenes of X-Men on E! Entertainment Television @ 2pm, 3 am & 3:30 am respectively
16th - Roger Ebert & the Movies @ 7:30 am on FOXN

Thanks to Karen Rourk

Stewart Library Benefit
Patrick Stewart Research Library On July 9th members of Patrick's official US fan club - PSN will have a chance to talk to him at a benefit event for the Patrick Stewart Research Library
Change of Agent?
  AP reports that Patrick's agent, Steve Dontanville is leaving his long time employer International Creative Management for rivals William Morris Agency

Whether Stewart and many of Dontanville's other clients will follow is unknown, but ICM have recently been losing talent as fast as the England soccer team have been losing matches in Euro 2000....

UK releases in June
Star Trek : Insurrection Next Monday 5th June, sees the UK release of the most recent Star Trek film 'Insurrection' on DVD. This version contains some deleted scenes from the film on the widescreen version.

Also released on video the same day is 'Animal Farm', a recent US TV version which uses Jim Henson's wonderful animatronics to bring the animals of George Orwell's classic novel to life. Amongst a fine cast providing the voices is Stewart as the main protagonist - 'Napoleon' the pig.

Thanks to Claire Ridgeway of PSAS for this.

Mountain out of a molehill?
  Unless you've been trekking across the wilderness for the last month (which is what the webmaster will be doing for the next 2 weeks!), you can hardly have failed to notice a lot of press surrounding the dispute between the producers of 'The Ride Down Mt. Morgan' and Patrick Stewart.

Following their complaint to actors union Equity over Stewart's curtain call speech, the decision should have been confidential and the matter resolved. Unfortunately it seems that's not the case, and the PR vultures are still determined to keep the whole thing going,,,,

Fans reaction to 'Morgan'
The Ride Down Mt. Morgan Whilst we're on the subject of 'Mt. Morgan', you might be interested to know that this site has received a number of e-mails from folk both in the UK and US who have been to see the show. 

Without exception every one has praised both the play and the performances, yet tellingly, several have commented on not seeing any major publicity for the show in NYC during their stay..... 

If you want to see the show for yourself you can contact the Ambassador box office on (212) 239 6200 or book directly online with Tele-charge
The production continues until 23rd July

X-Men 3rd Trailer premiere today!
Visit x-men-the-movie.com One thing you can't say about the new X-Men movie is a lack of publicity - as the US release of 14th July gets ever nearer, the 3rd trailer is premiered today June 1st @ 8 pm PST (4 am GMT) at the official x-men-the-movie.com web site

You'll find all sorts of goodies on the site like wallpaper, photos, trailer downloads and cast chat transcripts.

The UK site x-men-the-movie.co.uk is not as up to date as the US one and Fox's own UK site still only give the release date as August 2000 although rumours are for an August 18th release.